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This is an alloy of copper and tin.

It is famous for its subtle and elegant gloss and has been used for generations in Korean royal and noble families. Its heat or cold preserving property is excellent. It also has been called “bowl of life” for it has the nature of changing its own colour into black when in contact with food containing toxic ingredients.




Clean the surface with detergent and scrub brush. Subtle moonlight-like pattern will appear in one or another direction.

It is not to be considered as scratches but rather to be enjoyed as a new development. 

The outside of the bowl is coated with Ottchil, clean it with a soft cloth. Keep dry after washing to maintain the gloss.

It is recommended to wrap with paper or plastic when in long-term storage.

Do not dishwash. Do not put in stove, oven or open fire.


This is secretion of Ott-tree as a protective response to cut wounds. Collecting this from Ott-tree is an intricate and difficult process which can be done only by experts.

It has excellent resilience against wearing-off and the colour is so graceful. This is why it has long been treated as the very best material for tablewares in Korea, Japan and China.

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